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Begin the Path to a New Career with a Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA) Training Scholarship

If you are unemployed through no fault of your own or at a job that does not support your financial needs and want to advance your career, you may qualify for a WIOA job training scholarship to obtain a credential or certification, which will lead to a career in one of our high-growth industries such as Healthcare, Hospitality, Construction, Information Technology, and Marine.

What are your next steps to apply?


You must complete a full registration in Employ Florida and obtain a username before applying.


Click on the button below to complete the WIOA Scholarship application.


Gather the required documents listed below in preparation for your consultation.


Scholarships are awarded based on:


Based on Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA) guidelines.


For example: skills, experience (work, volunteer, or even hobby), and personal commitment to successful completion of the training that will lead to a job or higher pay.


The availability of training funds.

Please complete the following questionnaire to determine your eligibility.

Are you:

18 years of age or older?
Authorized to work in the US?
Registered for selective service (males only, if born after 1959; check registration at
Do you meet any one of the following:
  • Receive cash (TANF) or food assistance (SNAP)
  • Receive Social Security or Veterans’ Administration disability rated benefits
  • In a household that meets low income criteria based on Poverty Guidelines
    Family Household Size Maximum Income
    1 $27,556
    2 $45,154
    3 $46,481
    4 $57,384
    5 $67,727
    6 $79,209
    7 $90,692
    8 $102,174

    Family size includes those individuals that are related by blood, marriage, or decree of court, who are living in a single residence and who are:

    • A husband, wife, and dependent children
    • A parent or guardian and dependent children
    • A husband and wife
  • Unemployed or at a job that does not support your financial needs and are experiencing difficulty in obtaining or upgrading employment
  • Are a Dislocated Worker

    What is a Dislocated Worker?

    • Dependent spouse of a military member on active duty whose income was reduced due to: deployment, permanent change of station, or service-connected death or disability of that person.
    • Receiving or have exhausted unemployment benefits and are unable to find job in your last occupation.
    • Laid off but not eligible for unemployment benefits and are unable to find a job in your last occupation.
    • Received a notice of termination from your current employer due to company closure.
    • Self-employed and now unemployed due to economic conditions or a natural disaster.
    • No longer able to depend on the income of a family member.

* You will be contacted by a staff member of CareerSource Palm Beach County regarding application status within 10 business days of application submission.


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