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Aerospace Engineers

Florida's Space Coast has served as America’s gateway to the stars since the first rocket launched from Cape Canaveral in 1960. Chosen for its unique geographic qualities, the Sunshine State was ground-zero for the Apollo program that first put man on the moon, and has since grown into a thriving hub of industry and cutting edge innovation in the aerospace and aviation industries. Almost every major player in the aerospace/aviation industry maintains a substantial commercial presence in Florida, creating tens of thousands of high-paying jobs. Palm Beach County itself is home to facilities for Gulfstream Aerospace, engineering firms like BRPH, Lockheed-Martin subsidiary Sikorsky, and more.

Many aerospace and aviation careers are highly skilled and require a college education. Technical designers, mechanical and aerospace engineers, software developers and architects are well paid positions and generally require at least a bachelor’s degree. These are STEM careers, focused on science, technology, engineering and mathematics, and demand a passion for solving complex problems, thinking critically and analyzing data to create innovative solutions. If you think you may be interested in pursuing a degree in Aerospace Engineering or a related field, we have listed several esteemed local colleges and universities with well-respected programs.

Even if you don’t have a degree, the aerospace/aviation industry offers plenty of lucrative career paths. Aircraft require specially trained mechanics and technicians to maintain them, as well as pilots to fly them, and the manufacturing infrastructure devised to construct planes, rockets and associated machinery employs a host of machinists, assemblers and production workers. These hands-on positions often require no experience, and can provide a springboard to obtain more advanced certifications and licensure. If you find yourself fascinated by the scientific miracle of manmade flight, there’s a place for you in the industry that makes it possible.

Job Certifications

  • Information Systems Audit and Control Association Certification
  • CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP)
  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
  • GIAC Security Management Certification
  • National Instruments (NI) LabView Certification
  • Certified Customs Specialist

Programs & Training

Interested in working in the aerospace/aviation industry? CareerSource Palm Beach County has several training programs that can help kick-start your career. Click the button below to apply for training.

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