Are You an Effective Team Player at Work?

Five Essential Skills for Teamwork

  • 5 April 2019
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Do you enjoy working with others or alone?  We all have our preferences; however, sometimes we are pushed beyond our comfort Image of group of professionals standing around a computer working collaboratively.  Virtual Career System (VCS)zone at work.  That is what professional development is all about!

What happens when you are on the job and cannot stand who you work with?  This can become a nightmare, because the bottom line is that a team needs to work like a well-oiled machine – seamless and productive.  What happens if another co-worker just rubs you the wrong way and you cannot move past your concerns?

Whether you are just starting a new job or you have been there for a while, teamwork is important for career advancement.  No matter your role, you must be able to work well in a group, whether it is at your current company or the next one!  Check out the following five skills with tips to strengthen your ability to work on a team:

  • Clear Communication – share essential information in a professional, yet friendly tone
  • Listening Well – hear what is being said and then respond appropriately based on that information
  • Conflict Management – learn how to share your ideas, respect the opinions of others, and negotiate to ensure agreement
  • Reliability – show up on time, meet deadlines, and follow-through on requests
  • Respectful Attitude – call others by name, maintain eye contact, and be open to other ideas
  • Positive Mindset – consider the possibilities by thinking out-side the box not just on parameters

The bottom line is that teamwork is vital to the success of most companies.  As our society moves toward a more individualist culture, it is quite easy to downplay its importance.  What can really happen if you avoid being a team player?  The consequences might surprise you!  If you cannot work well with others, some of the results may include missed deadlines due to miscommunication; lack of professional growth gained from constructive criticism; and feeling of dread and lack of motivation. 

We all need a purpose in life and most of us need career advancement as well!  Step back, evaluate your options, and consider tightening up your skills before you miss your opportunity!

Written by Melanie Rebottini.

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